June 2018

We all have seen heavy loads such as containers, heavy machines and trucks being transported on top of other vehicles on road, right? But did you know how tedious or complicated this process is? If you are carrying or transporting a motorbike, you can load it to a carrier and tie it up before you transport and it will not be that tedious. But if you are carrying a container or a heavy workshop lathe, you will have to consider a dozen of different factors. For instance, if your load slips or if it adds too much weight on your carrier, you are compromising your safety as well as everyone else’s safety on road. A simple mistake can lead to an unfortunate accident and also, you will lose a huge amount of money within seconds. Hence, you should know the basics and vital factors of heavy machinery and load transportation before you make any rash decisions.

Safety of your cargo should be your first priority. When you are planning on transporting a heavy load, you will have to spend a good sum of money. If your cargo or machinery is damaged during transportation, you will have to spend more money and clearly that would be a waste of money. Therefore, make sure that your cargo is safe while it is being transported. If you are transporting a vehicle, for example, find decent car towing beenleigh professionals that guarantee the safety of your cargo.You should make sure that the carrier is certified and safe enough to handle your load. Haulage services have weight limits, as you may already know, and it is mandatory to consider those limits before choosing a service provider. Even though there are many options available, you should be smart enough to pick the perfect weight limits that suits your loads because those limits will cost you different amounts.

Hiring a qualified professional will always make your life a whole lot easier. There are many experts available with excellent fleets and workforces but not all of them will be ideal for your tasks. If you are looking for a towing Beenleigh company, focus on their expertise before jumping to conclusions. Go through their company profile and visit their official webpages for more information. That will help you get a better idea about what they are capable of.Make sure to do your research instead of blinding making rash decisions. If you have not hired these professionals before or if you are too confused, talk to your colleagues or friends about your needs and ask for their recommendations.

Pros And Cons Of Open Vs. Enclosed Auto Transit Services

Now days people have gotten used to hiring a third party service provider when it comes to moving their vehicle or fleet. Experts say that the service offers many benefits to companies and individuals alike. There are many ways vehicles can be moved from one location to another. Out of these the two most commonly used options are open transit services and enclosed transit services. Let’s look at these two methods in a bit more detail and their pros and cons. 

Open-Air method

In this method, the trusted car transporters will use an open air truck. You may have seen these on the road as well and be familiar with them. They are usually about 80 feet in length and have two tiers. Both tiers would usually hold vehicles of various types. The truck itself will be open and you can easily see what is being carried within. There is no roof or any side panels on the trailer so the vehicles within are usually exposed to all kinds of elements both manmade and natural.

Enclosed method

According to this method, the  best car transport quotes company will use a fully covered trailer to move the vehicles in. The length and width of the truck might be the same, but since it is fully covered you will not see what is enclosed within. This method provides a very safe environment for your vehicle as it is protected from a lot of the elements. You might consider this option if the vehicles you wish to move are antiques or very high end vehicles.

Pros and Cons

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages and may help in different ways. Let’s look at some of these in detail.

The open method is the least expensive therefore it is widely used. The vehicles are also easily inspected on the way by authorities or even the driver, so it adds to the safety prospect. The truck is considered comparatively light because it is not covered right round so it uses less fuel which is good for business and the environment. In terms of disadvantages, the vehicles are fully exposed to the elements making them less secure.
The closed method on the other hand is considered the safest as it provides protection from a lot of elements and security as well. Since it is fully covered the vehicles are protected from environmental elements or road debris that can fly in and damage them. However, this option is considerably expensive.

Therefore it seems the selection is highly dependent on the type of vehicle and the price you are willing to pay to get it moved.