Proper Car Maintenance You Should Be Doing

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As much as you want to have your own car, you have to take into consideration the responsibility that it entails when you become a car owner, more specifically your responsibility of maintaining the car. For a lot of car owners out there, they may think that owning a car can be easy, and if you ever encounter a problem then you could just go to a mechanic to have it checked, and that is the problem.

Taking good care and providing proper maintenance to your car will help you in big ways, as well as the environment and all other people around you whenever you drive your car. If you do decide to own a car or already have a car, then you should dedicate your time in providing the adequate amount of attention that it needs in order to fully function, and here are the things that you should be doing.

Checking the brakes

Having a good gripping brake can help save your life and money. The brakes always have to be within the standards of car safety which is why it is important to make sure that your brake pads in Adelaide are still in good condition that has enough grip and friction on the brake rotors in order to have a better stopping force on your vehicle.

If you are a frequent travler or just someone who always bring along large equipment, which means you must be using a trailer. Then you should also check on the trailer brakes Adelaide to synchronize the stopping force between your car and the trailer.


It is important that you have a spare tire, especially when travelling at a long distance and have the necessary tools to replace one! If you feel that the wheels are imbalanced, then have the air pressure checked to determine which tire has a problem. And always make sure that the pressure on all the tires are the same.

Oiled up

When it comes to maximizing your car’s performance, it needs oil in order to make it run smoothly and quietly. Without it, there will be a constant noise being heard in any part of your car because of the friction that is happening between its mechanisms. Change the oil whenever the mileage reaches 3000 kilometers but not more than 5000 kilometers to ensure that you can rely on your engine, and prolong its life.

Your car has thousands of parts, and without proper maintenance, just one part of it being damaged can give you a huge problem. Being a responsible car owner takes dedication and being knowledgable about your car’s parts. This will help you save more money, make you drive your car more conveniently, reduce the chances of breakage, and could even save your life.