Reasons To Choose An Aluminum Tool Box Over Steel

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An aluminum tool box and a steel tool box may appear to be the same at first sight, but that is not quite the case.
Looking at two brand new Ford Mustangs standing next to each other, you might get the feel that they are exactly the same if you pass a cursory glance over their wheels, tinted glasses and leather seats. But once you start reading the specifications you might be in for a surprise. If you check out the V-8 engine, you will find that its 5.0 liter engine delivers an electrifying 435 horsepower, which is a cut above what is obtained from the V-6 which looks like a twin brother.

Similarly, there are more to aluminum and steel tool boxes than meeting the eye and a look at their specifications will tell you that the former kind are a better option than the latter.

WeightIf you take the same volumes of steel and aluminum, the steel would weigh almost three times than the aluminum. Thus a tool box made of aluminum would weigh much less and that is what Trebor Manufacturing uses to build semi-truck tool boxes. A lighter tool-box will reduce the amount of energy expended by your semi-truck or other vehicle in carrying the tool box, benefitting your vehicle in the longer run. You will gain in terms of payload and spend less on gas with aluminum than with steel. Not only tool boxes, an aluminum utility trailer is also worthy to use.


Steel tool boxes often receive a coat of anti-corrosive powder paint. But even a single chip or groove in the coat of paint will expose it to corrosion and your steel tool box might get rusted within a year. But aluminum can resist corrosion without receiving any treatment and that is why aluminum tool boxes and aluminium trailers do not rust, corrode or deteriorate. This makes them the prime choice for long-term use as steel must be painted or treated to prevent corrosion.


You would definitely want your truck to be fitted with the best equipment, but at the same time you would shy away from spending an unusually large amount. Many factors come into play to decide the continuously fluctuating prices of aluminum and steel. It is natural for you to get tempted by the fact that steel is always cheaper than aluminum. But there are two factors that would tilt the scales in favor of aluminum – durability and the savings you make because of lower weight per volume.
These are the reasons why buyers made the shift towards aluminum tool boxes.